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6:30 - Doors open, come find your table and get situated, and enjoy a welcome pour from us and listen to a little music to get the evening going. 

7:00 - Taste through three different wines alongside Antonelli's cheese.  Enjoy a lively conversation with Anders, Micah and Ron as they discuss wine, music, and general shenanigans.  

7:30 - The guys play some more tunes.

8:30 - End of the evening! 


With a guitar strap bearing a Walt Whitman poem and a strong belief that the purpose of music is a deeper sense of connectivity and completion, Micah Wagner is a man of many words and worlds, profoundly inspired by language, philosophy, and art. His affinity for sound, however, has a magic way of blending genres. “Sound crosses platforms. There’s no language barrier for sound. Sound feels so deeply altering,” Micah explains.


Anders was born and raised in Ottawa, but now likes to consider himself an Austinite.  He has been writing, playing and recording music for over 20 years, and was featured on season 18 of The Voice.  

FB: @andersdrerupmusic
IG: @andersdrerup

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